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Updates around Areos! 6/16/2024

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Hello everyone we know Areos is still new and we are working every single day to improve and make it a better place for everyone and different from other server's inalot of different ways

for now we will be posting and telling about our lastest Updates sorry for the long posts we wait till we gather alot of updates all together to post

Update notes:

```Bounty Hunter Has been fixed all the errors problems around bounty hunter is already fixed now and fully 1:1 -Areos Team Artix```



Added All the Missing ShopsScreenshot2024-06-16140420.thumb.png.cc50a6287d279a1b6a17713802d5d667.png


```Pvp World Now is Pvp where you Can attack other Players Everywhere Added the Edgeville bank safe zone and Ge and some other Places could have some places safe zone missing please report to me so i can add it as soon as possible Also Applied Some Fixes from the BUG-Report and will Fix and Add everything missing little by little i Promise -Areos Team```



```wizard has the teleport-previous Action -Areos -Team```



```Ilfeen in prifddinas was added fully ```

Ilfeen is an elf who can enchant crystal weapon seeds, turning them into crystal equipment. If spoken to after completion of Roving Elves, she will give players a book called Crystal singing for beginners, which, after reading, will be placed in the bookcase of the player's Player-owned house. Because of her understanding of crystal weapon seeds...



```Houses jewelry Box was added fully to teleport ```

The ornate jewellery box can be built in the jewellery box space of the achievement gallery in a player-owned house. It requires 91 Construction to build and when built, it gives 2,680 experience. The player must have a hammer and a saw in their inventory to build it. Players using the crystal saw (+3) and a spicy stew with three doses of orange...



House Advertise Interface added fully and working


Players can advertise their own house beginning at level 50 Construction. Once players begin to advertise their house, they will appear on the advertising interface for 30 minutes, or until they log out. In addition, players can only advertise their house once every 30 minutes. Players may remove their advertisement whilst inside their house by right clicking any exit portal and selecting remove board advert.

The ad checks every 15 minutes if the house is active. If it's not, a warning message will appear informing that the ad will be removed in 3 minutes, if the house remains inactive. Another warning appears at 2 minutes and a final one at 1 minute remaining.

Note: to stop the warnings/removal, someone has to be inside the house during the next check. I.E. it doesn't matter if the house is active between the checks, only the second the check takes place counts.```





Sanguine torva Has Been Added to the Game and can be Made via Ancient blood ornament kit unlimited times and 20k Blood runes a piece






Added SoulReaper Axe fully + Ancient Godsword + Venator bow (needs a little work) to the game fully Updates Applied 1.Discord Will Announce Rare Drops 2. Game now remembers autocast option after switching weapon 3.Thralls Arceuss Spells fully added and working 4.fixed issue with trading post crashing 5.npc stacking 6.fixed some settings not saving 7.fixed corruption spells now works fully 8.Ferrets in Hunter Skill Added 9.fixed depleted saltpeter 10.clockmakers benches added with making clockwork and fixed zulrah's boat```
```After a lot of back and forth, we're satisfied that this set of changes successfully spread out Magic progression and make gear upgrades feel more impactful. Keep in mind that 'set pieces' for Robes means the Helmet, Body and Legs slot items. Now, here are the changes! Occult Necklace: Magic damage reduced from 10% to 5%. Ancestral Robes set pieces: Magic damage per piece increased from 2% to 3%. Virtus Robes set pieces: Magic damage per piece increased from 1% to 2%. The following items have had their Magic damage per piece increased from 0 to 1%: Infinity Robes. Dagon'hai Robes. 3rd Age Mage Armour. Ahrim's Robes. Blue Moon Armour. Elder Chaos Druid Robes. Bloodbark Armour. Augury: Magic damage while active increased from 0 to 4%. Note: Tumeken's Shadow doesn't multiply accuracy or damage bonuses gained from Prayers, so this would remain a 4% increase rather than 12% when using the Shadow. Mystic Might: Magic damage while active increased from 0 to 2%. Mystic Lore: Magic damage while active increased from 0 to 1%. Eternal Boots: Magic damage increased from 0 to 1%. Mage's Book: Magic damage increased from 0 to 2%. Ancient Wyvern Shield: Magic damage increased from 0 to 2%. Malediction Ward: Magic damage increased from 0 to 2%. Arcane Spirit Shield: Magic damage increased from 0 to 3%. Seers' Ring and Seers' Ring (i): Magic damage increased from 0 to 0.5% Elite Void Mage Set bonus: Magic damage increased from 2.5% to 5%. Other Item Adjustments Magic gear isn't the only thing that's changing! Today’s update also includes the highly-anticipated Elder Maul buff and a few other gear improvements: Various improvements to the Soulreaper Axe: Stacks will no longer be lost instantly upon switching weapon. Stacks will start decrementing after 20 ticks (12s) without attacking, up from 10 ticks (6s). When stacks naturally degrade, they'll heal you for the damage you took while building those stacks up, so long as you still have the Axe in your inventory. Added a Special Attack to the Elder Maul, which costs 50% of your Special Attack Energy. Hits with +25% increased accuracy, and reduces target's Defence by 35% of its current value on a successful hit. Most importantly: this looks really cool. Inquisitor's Armour set pieces now provide +2.5% Accuracy and Damage when worn alongside an Inquisitor's Mace. Adjusted the Ancient Godsword's Special Attack: Healing from a successful Blood Sacrifice now heals for 15% of the target's maximum HP, up to a cap of 25 HP. The Tomes of Fire and Water now boost their respective elements by 10% against NPCs, down from 50%. They still boost their damage by 50% and 20% respectively against players. This change is intended to sit alongside Elemental Weaknesses so that the Tomes stand out as clear best-in-slot items in their niche, but the strength of the Standard Spellbook no longer relies entirely on these helpful books!```
Boss Health Huds are added
Shop items increased + Xp Is now Alot Easier as players requested all will be added reworked as players request
Summer is here so is Summer event Sacrifice to the shrine to win an Extreme loot High Loots Are Bonds, Elder Maul, Kodai Wand,Abby Dagger
New unique Skins Added to the make over mage at home + options to the old wizard Enjoy alot more upcoming fixes and updates to the game daily and we are reworking everything including xp is now alot easier week ends double xp and double drops
Updated And new bug fixes applied to the game fully
```1.Elven Cyrstal Chest works in prifddinas
2.Barrows Chest Fixed
3.Make Over mage interface Gender switch problem fixed
4.Bounty Hunter all bugs fixed enter bounty hunter in (world 2)
5.npc's that you cant attack on lumb village fixed
6.updated the system to be more stable```
That will be all for now we will post more in forums and make it super active thanks for everyone viewing this and giving us a chance Areos-Team Artix


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