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  3. now you can upgrade to elite void in pest control on Elite void knight npc outside the Minigame Updated And new bug fixes applied to the game including now Rimmington is functional ```1.Added Fishing Manta ray in Rimmington 2.added all shops need in Rimmington including bank chest included in the picture's 3.added in player damage sounds and defending 4.fixed giant mole, no longer should be in walls, fixed bounty hunter little bug 5.skulling now works on pvp world 6.fixed the butler 7.the house advert has been fixed and only closes main dialogue 8.fixed leather shields making not using hardleather 9.fixed combat inheriting both range str and ammo str with bows without am… All these updates will be added the next game restart every soon we need to fix a little bug and we are good to go``` ```Sounds when player gets hit or defend was added also in this last update if your character is a male will get a male sounds when being hit and if your account gender is a female will get a female sounds when get hit or defend added fully and tested``` ```Now name changer feature works you pay 50 areos bond to change your name you choose the name you like relog with the new name after you pay and input your New name Works Fully!``` Bug Fixes 1.fixed tanner crashing the clinet 2.added sarachnis ```fixed Cannon beasts slayer monsters requirment will apply next update``` New Update Note's Added to the game 6/21/2024 ```1.death in pest control if player dies while the game is ending and lose items fixed 2.made the pest control to require only 2 players to enter 3.npc running fixed to add (osrs venenatis) so soon fixed and added 4.Raids disconnect fully fixed and fixing this bug made the game so smooth and better for playing and experince 5.Tradepost is almost ready has a little problem that will be fixed very soon to fix the disconnecting of players 6.fixed tan leather's Npcs crashing the game when talking to them now is fully functional and fixed 6.Fixed Double ammo mould to make cannon balls``` Coming Soon 1. Castle wars with custom shop items making it worth playing 2.Blast Furnace fully as players requested For Low level players ```you can now kill Zorge's (Ogres) in Jiggig near castle wars to open ogre's coffin using a key that drop's easily from them Easy Rate's``` News and Updates to the Game 6/23/2024 1.Fixed Brutal Dragon getting missing npc on half hp 2.Added Vote Mystery Box to the Vote Shop 3. Fixed Wilderness Godwars 4. New chargable Item Sytem Applied 5.Tele Block Fixed 6.Bug on Teleporting in pvp gets character Nulled FiXED 7.WebweaverBow Added Fully 8.Ursine ChainMace Added fully 9.Pest Control Normal Applied to be accesable by 2 players 10.Tradepost now shows stuff but still disconencts ppl Fixing Soon 11.Pest control death on the same tick the game ends fixed 12.Xp modes now for combat is alot easier and normal for Skillers 13.Npc Changes and fixes 14.added emblem trader to revenants Cave can click on relic use on him he will buy for coins 15.Applied minor fixes and bugs around the game to make it more smooth and playable 16.Added 2 cool npc's next to the Summer Shrine 17.Increased Herb box increased in Appreciation Points Shop Coming Soon Castle wars is coming monday/thursday its almost done and we will countiune on our updates everytime we can to do the best for the players. 18.fixed placeholder for summer token’s 1.applied potions unlimited bug fix 2.hydras has 2 drops like it should Updates for 27/6/24 1.fixed Mill_Lane_Mill CONTROLS NOT WORKING 2.FIXED 4 ERRORS AROUND THE GAME AND MADE IT ALOT FASTER 3.Lightbearer RING ADDED THAT SPEEDS UP SPECIAL ATTACK RELOADING 4.Imcando hammer is added and added to Appreciation_Points Shop 5.xp should be fixed COMING SOON CASTLE WARS NEEDS ALOT OF MORE WORK THEN WE EXPECTED IS WHY IT WILL TAKE TIME WE ARE REALLY SORRY WE WILL MAKE IT WORK WITH TIME I PROMISE Updates for 28/6/24 1.Added all Wildy bosses and places including the demibosses fully Vetion/Venentis/Callisto Artio/Spindel/Calvarion 2.Fixed Range Ammo Showing Range strength bug 3.Fixed LMS BARRIER IN FOREX INCLAVE 4.FIXED HYDRA SLAYER HELMET 5.FIXED WALKING NOT CLOSING DIALOGUES MORE COMING SOON CASTLE WARS BLAST FURENCE AND MORE AND MAKING THE VOIDWAKER NPC AND EVERYTHING MISSING COMING UP SOON 6/29/24 Updates 1.Fixed melee weapon bug while wearing arrows and arrows affecting chargable none needed arrows weapons (throwable range) 2.added giant roc/barrelchest/deranged archaeologist Alg our Mod will Post guides to get to them Med level's bosses 3.Added voidwaker Crafting on forex enclave dungeon madam sikro can now craft WebWeaver bow and Ursine ChainMace that drops from the wildy bosses 6/29/24 Updates 1.Added all ardougne Missing stalls shops and everything came in my way 2.Added all port sarim Shops missing 3.Added all shops in Catherby 4.Bug fixes and new content Added to make the game more smooth 5.added all missing Shops in Varrock 6/29/24 Update we have added gaunlet boss that can be accessed via Prifddinas its only the boss added atm as an instance you can fight him and earn shards and needed stuff from him to craft crystal weapons and arms you have to know if you enter to fight the boss (WARNING) you can't exit till you complete the task you will not be able to escape till your 10 seconds out of combat sometimes you could try and it may work almost impossible to escape and kill him you will be allowed to enter with random items till we add the full gaunlet its better then not having it atm its custom and we will have it full with time i promsie to do my best warning make sure you get a good gear and also when you kill him you will have the drops as normal boss drops the boss wont spawn again till you reenter the gaunlet zone better then not having at at all for now forgot to mention it's an INSTANCE 7/1/24 Updates Added Blast Furnace for now tomorrow will be aming for adding more content and bug fixes if you find any bugs in the furnace please report and we will fix its still new it works now tho hope you guys enjoy it as players requested it coming soon castle wars alot of bug fixes Updates 4/7/24 1. added crystal colored to the shop in pridff fully working and recharging and charging crystal armor 2.fixed venenatis web 3.fixed cannon on gaunlet 4.fixed staircase in wizard's tower 5.fixed Shooting stars bug Made the game smooth and more best for everyone we are currently running the game on debug mode to flush out all the bad codes that make the server dc or slow 6.Xeric chest fixed Updates 7/5/24 crystal armor works with bounses and slayer helmet like it should be fully 2.crystal equipment charge fully works now can make now also Corrupted blade of saeldor and Bow of faerdhinen by having them in your inventory in the Singing Bowl also if you dont have the required skills to craft them you can talk-to Conwenna or Reese sing the crystal for them would require 1k more crystals 4.Added to Ogre Slayer task Skogre/Zogre 5.fixed the nullfy damage on some npcs randomaly like bosses 6.Ammo Mould's Fixed Fully both normal and double Updates 5/7/24 1.ADDED OLIVIA SEED SHOP IN DRAYNOR VILLAGE 2.ADDED ALL FARMING GUILD SHOPS 3.SIEGFRIED SHOP IN LEGENDS_GUILD 4.NOW osrs priddfends agility course Gives correct crystal shards when crafting crystal items you get it charged like it should be 6.GAME NOW RUNS ON JDK 22 THE LASTEST VERSION MEANS THE GAME BECOMES MORE SMOOTH AND BETTER FOR EVERYONE TOMORROW WILL HAVE ALOT OF MORE UPDATES FIXES AND MAKING THE GAME BETTER AND BETTER EVERYDAY WE PROMISE Updates 7/6/24 1.Added Wyson the gardener fully to trade mole claw or mole skin or woad leaf's 2.added aggie fully to trade dye's blue/red/yellow 3.fixed dc's and central now fullly game has become so smooth and very better for everyone no more stuck's 4.fixed errors around the game and console 5.Added crystal pickaxe Special Attack 6.fixed stair cases around the game wizard Tower 7.fixed motherload mine bug where payload can exceed the limit More Updates Coming Up later on today hope you guys enjoy Updates 7/9/24 1.fixed the POH cape 2. tumeken shadow passive effects 3.poh teleport fully 4. Multivar works now for item on object 5.bucket of water in blast furnace 6.bugs and stuff around the game Alot of new updates bosses and content coming soon i promise and adding every place almost in every map to be functional including minigames soon Updates 7/11/24 1.fixed making ornate rejuvination pool in houses 2.Added referral system fully for new players that will be posted by youtubers 3.bugs around the game new refferal box added to the game for new players Alot of new updates bosses and content coming soon i promise and adding every place almost in every map to be functional including minigames soon Updates 7/12/24 1.Fixed slayer points at konar Slayer Master 2.Fixed a bug for ppl glitching slayer xp 3.fixed rune pouch having a little problem 4.fixed game objects not working5.Added new items to the donation shop online Supplies Coming Soon Dusk boss for the slayer tower fully new dungeons places will be added and functional Castle Wars minigame phantom muspah boss coming as well as our cool upcoming soon minigame Tempross 5.Fixed LightBearer Ring when lost Turns into a null item Updates 7/13/24 1.fixes around the game to make it more smooth 2.added Scrolls Pet Drop Scroll bounes/Rare Drop Scroll Bounes/Xp Bouns Scroll all in donator shop for 10 bonds and can get rewards 3.Added Pet Mystery Box 4.Added 4 Elite Pets on Website Store not included in pet mystery box with Bonus Drop Rate Perk 5.Added Death pet in Voting Shop for 1k vote Tickets he also includes the Drop rate perk Bouns but costs 1k for that fair enough for now Coming Soon Dusk boss for the slayer tower fully new dungeons places will be added and functional Castle Wars minigame phantom muspah boss coming as well as our cool upcoming soon minigame Tempross Elite Pet's Preview Added dwarven helmet to PvM point shop and reduced the Scrolls price in donator shop Areos -Team Hope you enjoy our new Updates
  4. Jiggig is a place to kill Zogres and Skogres, they count as ogre slayer task. They can drop ogre coffin keys which are used to open the ogre coffin. There are 2 methods to get there. Method 1 : 1. Talk to the wizard at home and teleport to minigames -> castle wars. 2. Run South of castle wars until you find the coast, keep following the coast line south-east until you reach a cave. 3. Enter the cave. Method 2 : Item requirements : Dramen staff. 1. Use fairy ring code A K S, then run north-west from the fairy ring until you reach a cave. 2. Enter the cave.
  5. alg

    Shops Guide

    There are various shops in Areos, this guide will help navigating through them. Let's start with shops at home. These shops are located inside of the red square area in the picture. Donator shop - Old Wizard Voting rewards - Old Wizard PvM points shop - Artimeus Boss points shop - Artimeus Appreciation points shop - Natural historian Item Upgrades - Horvik Ironman store - Iron man tutor Starter store - Shop assistant General store - Shop assistant Magic shop - Wizard traiborn Ranged weapons & ammo shop - Radigad ponfit Melee shop - Gunnjorn Skilling store - Grum Farming shop - Farmer brumty Herblore shop - Jatix Construction supplies - Sawmill operator For armors check the world shops in the list below. Areos also has various shops around the world of Gielinor that are just like OSRS. Here is a list of some relevant Areos world shops. Armors : Aneirin - Aneirin's Armour Armour salesman - Aaron's Archery Appendages Cassie - Cassie's Shield Shop Horvik - Horvik's Armour Shop Louie Legs - Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar Oziach - Oziach (Shop) Peksa - Helmet Shop Scavvo - Scavvo's Rune Store Sir Tiffy Cashien - Initiate Temple Knight Armoury Skulgrimen - Skulgrimen's Battle Gear Valaine - Valaine's Shop of Champions Wizard Sinina - Magic Guild Store (Mystic Robes) Zenesha - Zenesha's Plate Mail Body Shop Runes : Aubury - Aubury's Rune Shop Baba Yaga - Baba Yaga's Magic Shop Betty - Betty's Magic Emporium Efa - Amlodd's Magical Supplies Lundail - Lundail's Arena-side Rune Shop Mage of Zamorak - Battle Runes Wizard Akutha - Magic Guild Store (Runes and Staves) and more
  6. Areos has a feature which allows the players to check monster drop tables and their combat information. This feature is called the drop viewer. 1. To access the drop viewer click the quest list tab. 2. Click the orange icon called 'Adventure paths', then click 'View drop tables'. Players can search for npc names Or search for item names
  7. Item requirements : anti-dragon shield. The Brutal Lava Dragon is a world boss located in level 47 of the wilderness. All players dealing damage to the boss will receive loot. The boss has a lot of hitpoints, it is recommended at least 3 players to fight it. 1. Talk to the wizard at home and teleport to wilderness -> 50s. 2. Run west from where you will appear until you find a gate, open it. 3. The Brutal Lava Dragon will be south from the gate.
  8. Item requirements : knife, magic equipment. Level requirements : level 37 in prayer for protect from magic. 1. Talk to the wizard at home and teleport to wilderness -> mage bank. 2. Click 'Pull Lever', you will be taken to level 50+ wilderness. 3. Run east following the light grey path until you find some spider webs, click 'Slash Web'. 4. , Click 'Pull Lever', you are now inside the mage arena. 5. Head towards the middle of the circle area and start killing battlemages. You can only attack them with magic weapons. Battlemages award from 3 to 6 points per kill and also have a chance at dropping the items from the shop. To spend the mage arena points, head to the mage bank, talk to 'Kolodion' and select the option 'Can I see the point exchange?'.
  9. Item requirements : knife, combat equipment. Level requirements : level 40 prayer for protect from melee and protect from missiles. 1. Talk to the wizard at home and teleport to dungeons -> forthos dungeon. 2. Run north from where you will appear, then to the very east, then to the very south. 3. Sarachnis will be to the very south of the dungeon in its lair, click 'Quick-enter Thick Web' to enter.
  10. Item requirements : combat equipment. Players can save some gp by using the nmz to imbue certain items such as DK's rings, ring of suffering, salve amulet, slayer helmet. 1. Talk to the wizard at home and teleport to cities -> yanille. 2. Run north from where you will appear, the nmz is right outside of the entrance of yanille. 3. Right click Dominic Onion and select the difficulty of the dream. 4. Once inside the nmz arena, start killing monsters. 5. After you are done, click to 'Drink Potion' to the south of the NMZ arena. To spend the nmz points, click the rewards chest.
  11. Item requirement : coins. Oh dear, you are dead! In Areos upon the death of a player, the items are withheld by the Grim Reaper and they require a fee to be reclaimed. 1. Click the Death's coffer to deposit coins required for the fee. 2. Select the option 'yes!' in the dialogue and then input the amount of coins. 3. Right click the Grim Reaper also known as "Death" and click the collect option. 4. Click the padlock button to pay the fee to reclaim the items. 5. Click 'take-all' to reclaim the items. In case you are wondering how to get back into the death's domain, it's one of the coffins at home.
  12. Needed items : Summer tokens Summer tokens can be obtained in alot of ways, for example, skilling and killing npcs. These tokens can be traded in at home to get some epic rewards. To get the most bank for you're buck, make sure to at least gather 1000 summer tokens and trade them in at home, just across the edgeville bank, there are 2 npc's Guardian Of The Sun, next to them there is an object called Summer Shrine, here you can just sacrifice the summer tokens for the awesome rewards. This will most of the time give barrows gear, isn't that just fantastic!
  13. Items needed : 1x Ensouled giant head 1x Ensouled goblin head 1m coins 5 iron arrows (can be bought at Ava's shop herself) Navigating there Click on the blue wizard at home. In the teleport menu select Cities -> Scroll down a bit and select Draynor village -> Walk north until you reach a big spooky house -> Inside the house in the western room, you will find Ava. Click on her -> Select first option (Sureee!) -> Select first option (Sureee!) I'm always up for a task. -> Next dialogue she will explain what she needs -> if you have the items return to her and give her what she needs and quest is done! Extra tip: After obtaining the accumulator, it is possible to upgrade this, via right clicking Ava and selecting Devices option.
  14. Stardust is obtained from mining shooting stars. 1. Talk to the wizard at home and teleport to cities -> falador. 2. Run south-east towards the east falador bank. 3. Trade Dusuri, he will be in the aboveground part of the mining guild.
  15. 1. Talk to the wizard at home and teleport to cities -> falador. 2. Run south towards the white knight castle. 3. Trade Mac, he will be near the entrance of the castle.
  16. 1. Talk to the wizard at home and teleport to cities -> lunar isle. 2. Run south-east until you reach the astral altar. 3. Right click the altar and click the pray option.
  17. 1. Talk to the wizard at home and teleport to training -> bandit camp. 2. Run towards south until you reach the ancient pyramid. 3. Enter the tunnel on the backside of the pyramid. 4. Pray-at the altar.
  18. Item requirement : enhanced crystal key. Level requirements : level 70 in agility, construction, farming, herblore, hunter, mining, smithing, woodcutting. The elven crystal chest is an improved version of the crystal chest. Enhanced crystal keys are created using the singing bowl with a crystal key and 10 crystal shards. 1. Talk to the wizard at home and teleport to cities -> prifddinas. 2. Click the city gate to enter prifddinas. 3. Head to the east until you find a big white building. 4. Climb up the crystal staircase in the middle of the building. 5. The elven crystal chest is a few steps to the east from where you will appear.
  19. Item requirements : woodcutting axe, combat equipment. Level requirements : level 40 prayer for protect from missiles. 1. Talk to the wizard at home and teleport to cities -> fossil island. 2. Click the magic mushtree and select the 'Sticky Swamp' option. 3. Head the south of where you will appear and chop the 'Thick vine'. 4. Continue towards south until you find the deranged archaeologist.
  20. Item requirements : 2 fire runes, 2 law runes, combat equipment. Level requirements : level 61 magic, 40 prayer for protect from missiles. Achievement requirements : My Arm Patch achievement (harvest 200 herbs from any herb patch) 1. Cast the 'Trollheim Teleport' spell. 2. Talk to 'My Arm'. 3. Select the option 'Yes, please' in the dialogue. 4. The giant roc is very close to where you will appear.
  21. Item requirements : ectophial (not a hard req. but very recommended), combat equipment. Level requirement : level 43 prayer for protect from melee. If you don't have an ectophial, start with buying one from the appreciation point shop for 5000 appreciation points. 1. Click the ectophial. 2. Pass through the energy barrier to enter port phasmatys. 3. Head to the docks to the north and find the 'Ghost Captain', click the travel option. 4. The barrelchest is to the east from where you will appear.
  22. greetings everyone, i would like to formally introduce myself the player behind miss mint, my name is hanami, i have been playing runescape on and off since rs classic and rsps' on and off as well, i normally keep to myself due to my shy nature, there is so much i could say/list about myself so i will keep it short by saying i'm an enclosed encyclopedia and will let the individual(s) ask their question(s) about myself that would want to be known weather in dm or here.
  23. Hello everyone we know Areos is still new and we are working every single day to improve and make it a better place for everyone and different from other server's inalot of different ways for now we will be posting and telling about our lastest Updates sorry for the long posts we wait till we gather alot of updates all together to post Update notes: ```Bounty Hunter Has been fixed all the errors problems around bounty hunter is already fixed now and fully 1:1 -Areos Team Artix``` Added All the Missing Shops ```Pvp World Now is Pvp where you Can attack other Players Everywhere Added the Edgeville bank safe zone and Ge and some other Places could have some places safe zone missing please report to me so i can add it as soon as possible Also Applied Some Fixes from the BUG-Report and will Fix and Add everything missing little by little i Promise -Areos Team``` ```wizard has the teleport-previous Action -Areos -Team``` ```Ilfeen in prifddinas was added fully ``` Ilfeen is an elf who can enchant crystal weapon seeds, turning them into crystal equipment. If spoken to after completion of Roving Elves, she will give players a book called Crystal singing for beginners, which, after reading, will be placed in the bookcase of the player's Player-owned house. Because of her understanding of crystal weapon seeds... ```Houses jewelry Box was added fully to teleport ``` The ornate jewellery box can be built in the jewellery box space of the achievement gallery in a player-owned house. It requires 91 Construction to build and when built, it gives 2,680 experience. The player must have a hammer and a saw in their inventory to build it. Players using the crystal saw (+3) and a spicy stew with three doses of orange... House Advertise Interface added fully and working Players can advertise their own house beginning at level 50 Construction. Once players begin to advertise their house, they will appear on the advertising interface for 30 minutes, or until they log out. In addition, players can only advertise their house once every 30 minutes. Players may remove their advertisement whilst inside their house by right clicking any exit portal and selecting remove board advert. The ad checks every 15 minutes if the house is active. If it's not, a warning message will appear informing that the ad will be removed in 3 minutes, if the house remains inactive. Another warning appears at 2 minutes and a final one at 1 minute remaining. Note: to stop the warnings/removal, someone has to be inside the house during the next check. I.E. it doesn't matter if the house is active between the checks, only the second the check takes place counts.``` Sanguine torva Has Been Added to the Game and can be Made via Ancient blood ornament kit unlimited times and 20k Blood runes a piece ``` Added SoulReaper Axe fully + Ancient Godsword + Venator bow (needs a little work) to the game fully Updates Applied 1.Discord Will Announce Rare Drops 2. Game now remembers autocast option after switching weapon 3.Thralls Arceuss Spells fully added and working 4.fixed issue with trading post crashing 5.npc stacking 6.fixed some settings not saving 7.fixed corruption spells now works fully 8.Ferrets in Hunter Skill Added 9.fixed depleted saltpeter 10.clockmakers benches added with making clockwork and fixed zulrah's boat``` ```After a lot of back and forth, we're satisfied that this set of changes successfully spread out Magic progression and make gear upgrades feel more impactful. Keep in mind that 'set pieces' for Robes means the Helmet, Body and Legs slot items. Now, here are the changes! Occult Necklace: Magic damage reduced from 10% to 5%. Ancestral Robes set pieces: Magic damage per piece increased from 2% to 3%. Virtus Robes set pieces: Magic damage per piece increased from 1% to 2%. The following items have had their Magic damage per piece increased from 0 to 1%: Infinity Robes. Dagon'hai Robes. 3rd Age Mage Armour. Ahrim's Robes. Blue Moon Armour. Elder Chaos Druid Robes. Bloodbark Armour. Augury: Magic damage while active increased from 0 to 4%. Note: Tumeken's Shadow doesn't multiply accuracy or damage bonuses gained from Prayers, so this would remain a 4% increase rather than 12% when using the Shadow. Mystic Might: Magic damage while active increased from 0 to 2%. Mystic Lore: Magic damage while active increased from 0 to 1%. Eternal Boots: Magic damage increased from 0 to 1%. Mage's Book: Magic damage increased from 0 to 2%. Ancient Wyvern Shield: Magic damage increased from 0 to 2%. Malediction Ward: Magic damage increased from 0 to 2%. Arcane Spirit Shield: Magic damage increased from 0 to 3%. Seers' Ring and Seers' Ring (i): Magic damage increased from 0 to 0.5% Elite Void Mage Set bonus: Magic damage increased from 2.5% to 5%. Other Item Adjustments Magic gear isn't the only thing that's changing! Today’s update also includes the highly-anticipated Elder Maul buff and a few other gear improvements: Various improvements to the Soulreaper Axe: Stacks will no longer be lost instantly upon switching weapon. Stacks will start decrementing after 20 ticks (12s) without attacking, up from 10 ticks (6s). When stacks naturally degrade, they'll heal you for the damage you took while building those stacks up, so long as you still have the Axe in your inventory. Added a Special Attack to the Elder Maul, which costs 50% of your Special Attack Energy. Hits with +25% increased accuracy, and reduces target's Defence by 35% of its current value on a successful hit. Most importantly: this looks really cool. Inquisitor's Armour set pieces now provide +2.5% Accuracy and Damage when worn alongside an Inquisitor's Mace. Adjusted the Ancient Godsword's Special Attack: Healing from a successful Blood Sacrifice now heals for 15% of the target's maximum HP, up to a cap of 25 HP. The Tomes of Fire and Water now boost their respective elements by 10% against NPCs, down from 50%. They still boost their damage by 50% and 20% respectively against players. This change is intended to sit alongside Elemental Weaknesses so that the Tomes stand out as clear best-in-slot items in their niche, but the strength of the Standard Spellbook no longer relies entirely on these helpful books!``` Boss Health Huds are added Shop items increased + Xp Is now Alot Easier as players requested all will be added reworked as players request Summer is here so is Summer event Sacrifice to the shrine to win an Extreme loot High Loots Are Bonds, Elder Maul, Kodai Wand,Abby Dagger New unique Skins Added to the make over mage at home + options to the old wizard Enjoy alot more upcoming fixes and updates to the game daily and we are reworking everything including xp is now alot easier week ends double xp and double drops Updated And new bug fixes applied to the game fully ```1.Elven Cyrstal Chest works in prifddinas 2.Barrows Chest Fixed 3.Make Over mage interface Gender switch problem fixed 4.Bounty Hunter all bugs fixed enter bounty hunter in (world 2) 5.npc's that you cant attack on lumb village fixed 6.updated the system to be more stable``` That will be all for now we will post more in forums and make it super active thanks for everyone viewing this and giving us a chance Areos-Team Artix
  24. This is a guide for the people who wanna know where is the Crystal Chest locate. You can get Crystal Keys by rare drop or the easy way, with vote vouchers. Talk with the npc with the blue Phat and then select the 4th option. There are a lot of different items you can buy from the vote Vouchers. .... Then after you get some Crystal keys you have to Teleport to falador and go to Taverley. And there is the Crystal chest, of course you get juicy items from there 😄 enjoy it
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