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Pvp World IS Now FunctionalūüíÄ

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PvP_world_icon.png?f585f PvP worlds (also known as Player-versus-Player worlds) are a type of themed servers that allow players to engage in combat almost everywhere. On these worlds, players may attack each other within all locations outside of safe zones, which include banks and respawn areas.


PvP worlds employ the following additional mechanics:

  • Players may engage in combat with other players on the majority of the world map. The maximum difference between players that can attack each other is 15¬†combat levels, which is further increased by the wilderness depth level within the¬†wilderness.
  • Similarly to the¬†wilderness, attacking other players assigns the¬†skull status.
  • Safe zones are added around the majority of the banks, as well as¬†respawn¬†points and locations such as the¬†Grand Exchange¬†or¬†Ferox Enclave. Players may not initiate combat within safe areas, but they might still continue fighting for a short period of time after entering a safe zone as long as they have retaliated at least once.
  • Bank chests and¬†armour stands¬†are added near the¬†respawn¬†points such as¬†Lumbridge,¬†Edgeville¬†and¬†Falador. Respawn points are within safe zones.
  • The so-called¬†PJ timer, or the time before a player can be attacked by another opponent after engaging in¬†player-versus-player¬†combat, is increased. This makes it impossible to attack players immediately after they score a kill in¬†single-way combat¬†areas.
  • After attacking a player in a¬†single-way combat¬†area, both players are locked in combat with each other, and their fight cannot be interrupted by other players. However, if a player is attacking, but has not been attacked themself recently, they can change the target to lock with another opponent.
  • Players cannot teleport immediately after using a special attack. This is done to prevent players from using their special attack on a player and immediately teleporting away without consequence. Players are also prevented from teleporting while their special attack bar is activated on these worlds.
  • ¬†
  • Players are warned before logging into or switching to a PvP world.
  • Screenshot2024-05-24132749.thumb.png.b823394f36f43ef823d2d42ab070d837.pngScreenshot2024-05-24132604.thumb.png.5813feff99fc6c7a0298be1551ee3268.png

Some Places Safe Zones May Not be Added yet we will work on them please Report to Us so we Can Add them Fastest We Can.


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