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Bounty Hunter and alot of more!!

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Bounty Hunter Has Been Added , commonly abbreviated as BH, is a player killing minigame located in the Wilderness at Daimon's Crater. Upon entering the crater, the player will be given another player within 5 (adjustable to 10 or 15 by speaking with the Emblem Trader) combat levels of them as a target. Besides the usual items dropped on death, players who successfully kill their target will be rewarded with Bounty Hunter points, which can be used at the Emblem Trader's Bounty Hunter Store. (Warning can only be accessed only on a pvp world that you can switch via the world Switcher  Screenshot2024-05-19005733.thumb.png.a4fc4c6a07a31215dbe7af97c80d313f.pngScreenshot2024-05-19005822.png.228fa0299d233564ed604bf781f66db2.pngScreenshot2024-05-19005843.thumb.png.8e0949057b72fe4aca3e174b7529520e.pngScreenshot2024-05-19010133.thumb.png.18750c2deb99d290778b4c99c8d39e9d.png

more updates and stable stuff around the game

we are currently adding all bosses to the game for now lets say Arito does work fully



Vetion is almost done 



Slayer has been Added and fixed to the Lastest Version for it to work properly.


Soon pvp world will have pvp functions same as osrs we are working on it hourly and also a deadman mode with prizes

StarDust Shop was Added to Falador you can find at the Mining Guild search for Dusuri Npc




Giant's Den Dungeon was added to the game




a simple Quest was added to draynor manison to get the Ava  you need to complete a simple quest with Ava  after you finish the quest you can open her devices shop.



New Village added Piscatoris


Added alot of missing shops like and still working on the game to be stable to have everything as possible

  1. horvik, lowe in varrock,
    louie legs, ranael skirts in al kharid,
    oziach in edgeville,
    scavvo, valaine in champions guild,
    peksa outside the stronghold of security,
    armour salesman in ranging guild,
    cassie in falador, sir tiffy cashien in falador park
    , zenesha in ardougne, seddu in nardah,
    wizard sinina in wizard's guild,
    aneirin in priffdinas
    Hope you Enjoy our Updates to the lastest we are reworking everything and feel free to contact me for bugs to fix and stuff to add enjoy our game thats all we want have A Great day -Areos Team "Artix"
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